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Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. soundly. citt firefighters spent the morning removing 100 old beds stteet... making room forrnew tempur-pedic maatresses.the beds were ddnated to the charity, which offers &ptemporary housing for familie offcritically illlchildren &pbeing treated at baltimore-area hospitalss 3&"we are a home away from home ffr families who havv critically ill children, so to be able to come back here and nice cozy tempur peeic bed, &plets us give the families mor comfort than we all reedd try to do." do." the old beds, they helped out 3 bring in and assemble 2 nnw ones for each of the 36 rooms. 3 a warm and sunny end to october fourth. fourth. but are we going to run into fall like temperatures sson? soon? let's go to chief meteorologiss vytas reid with a look at what's happening now. 3 aadeadly outtreak meniiitis outbreamk is ow this - spreading around the country. 3 a bus drivee under attack. phy his man threw a cheap shot at a public servant. 3 than three ounccs of liquid at security. how onn woman used it to start an open bar. aú so far in maryllnd, one death has een attributed to meningitis from th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1